Meet Kayla

My purpose is to hold space for you to reconnect you with your higher self, see past cycles & patterns, shed your limitations and bring clarity to your divinity and life purpose. I will teach you how to overcome obstacles, bring balance to your feminine & masculine, and meet you with potentials.

My Specializations

Kayla is a Quantum Healing practitioner who actively uses both QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- developed by the great Dolores Cannon, as well as BQH- Beyond Quantum Healing- developed by the beloved Candace Goldman. Through these modalities, she will guide you through a multidimensional journey to connect you with your higher self, guides & angels, release energetic blocks, heal illnesses, get your life long questions answered, and help you bring clarity to your purpose.

Past Life Regression

Inner Child Healing

Sexual Trauma

Self Love Activations

Purpose/Career Guidance

Physical & Mental Illness

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What Clients Say

Dont Pass Up This Chance!

Kayla is a very patient soul. She takes time to listen and you can tell she holds zero judgment to what is spoken. The only purpose she has during your appointment is to help you heal and find answers to your lives pressing questions. I highly recommend doing a session with Kayla. She is one of a kind. I have come across other healers but she is by far one of the best there is at facilitating your healing.

David Neils


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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